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About VanBuren's All


"VanBuren's All" is the result of Max and Mary VanBuren's quest to produce the healthiest and tastiest beef on the planet. Max, a veterinarian, and Mary, a school teacher, are both descendants of many generations of Ohio farmers.

We've been closely involved with livestock genetics and agriculture our entire lives. In 1991 we dispersed our 100-cow purebred Holstein herd from which we had produced many show winning animals and had achieved an outstanding milk production status through conventional farming methods.

While farming some 200 acres, we experienced firsthand the smell and taste of farm chemicals - pesticides, herbicides, and silage preservatives. It doesn't take a physician, veterinarian, chemist, or rocket scientist to recognize that these things are not conducive to the proper health of any living organism. It's simply not the way it should be in the natural, biologically normal, scheme of things. We're strongly committed to the organic concept, to sustainable agriculture, and to the ability to help control one's health through deliberate and appropriate food choices.

100% grass-fed beef provides a perfect combination of omega-3, omega-6, and conjugated linoleic acids. Current research indicates that the proper amounts of these fatty acids are very effective at maintaining superior heart/cardiovascular health and preventing cancer in animal models. These fatty acid levels are often equal to the levels found in oily fish (salmon, sardines. and tuna) and, if produced organically, are free of contaminants that are generally uncontrollable in the water in which fish live.



We have a hearty breed of cattle, the Scottish Highland, which has naturally lean and exceptionally tasty meat. It's been reported by very reputable people that the Queen of England eats only beef from the Scottish Highland breed and goes to the trouble of having it shipped ahead when she travels. This breed of livestock facilitates our ability to achieve our goal of sustainable agriculture on our farm where we live in Columbiana County, Ohio. We personally sample a ribeye steak from every carcass to assure that its tenderness and flavor meets our specifications before it is permitted to receive our label of "VanBuren's All."